Changes since the publication of the EEBV:

  1. #8045, The Christ Emphasis New Testament, is not a new version. It is the AV (#7085) with special emphases.
  2. #9135, Jesus:The New Testament was revised and called A Non-Religious New Testament. Jesus:The New Testament is now 9135.100 and A Non-Religious New Testament is 9135.110.
  3. #8750, The Urim Thummim Version is now known as The Holy Bible, RLP Version. "RLP" stands for "Renewed Levitical Priesthood." The Urim Thummim Version is now #8750.100 and The Holy Bible, RLP Version is 8750.110.
  4. #9545, Abrahamic-Faith Nazarene Study Scriptures, is now known as Hidden Truths Hebraic Scrolls. The original named version is now #9545.100, the new named version is #9545.110.