The Encyclopedia of English-Language Bible versions (EEBV) is a comprehensive listing of all full Bibles, Old Testaments and New Testaments in English. The EEBV provides details such as translators, source texts, revisions and much more.

     This is a reference for anyone who studies, reads or collects different versions of the Bible. This book grew out of Pastor Bradford Taliaferro’s study over the past seventeen years. His goal was to produce a thorough yet handy reference that cross referenced all the other major works.

     This edition includes over 500 different versions of full Bibles, Old Testaments or New Testaments. Including revisions of these versions raises the number to over 800 different versions! Even more versions are included in appendices which include unfinished versions, dialect and slang scripture selections, abandoned Bible versions, and a list of other unique, partial scriptures. All together there are over 1,400 versions in this book!

     This reference includes internet-only versions - those that have never made it to print. Links are provided for those that are still available.

     Simply creating a list is not enough. Many versions have several names or are simply titled “Holy Bible.” The key to making this reference so useful is its extensive index. Versions are indexed by title, alternate names, translator, abbreviation, date, source texts, translation methods, translation biases and more. The index alone fills 65 pages in this book!

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